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At Granite State Monuments, we offer a range of services to honor your loved ones. From headstones and stone signs to engraving, etching, installation, cleaning, and restoration, we are here to help you create a lasting tribute.

Our Services:
Memorial Design

Consultation & Placing Orders

We can take general order information from customers in-person at our office, over the phone, and via online requests.  In person appointment are preferred in order to best assist our customers. During the consultation, talk freely about the individuals' interests in life and passions. The monument is a reflection of the person it is for...a person's story set in stone.


We try to make the monument ordering process as easy and stress free as possible as we know that it is not an easy decision to make.



During the design phase, we mock up an image of what your monument will look like prior to starting the engraving process. This is your opportunity to correct and change what will appear on the stone, such as ensuring correct spelling, correct placement, and correct imaging & lettering. 

We have a collection of memorial layouts and images to choose from. We can also create custom designs for you.  

Customers are provided with a 'proof' of their monument to allow them to see what it would look like to scale.


Stone Order Fulfillment

After you select the style, stone, size, finish and color, we take care of the rest. For new monuments, we order the stone material from our preferred vendors.  If we do not have the stone readily in stock at the time the order is placed, then we will have to order the stone to be delivered to us by the manufacturer.



Once we have the stone, we begin carving until we’ve created the beautiful memorial you envisioned. 

For on-site engraving, once an order is placed, we go to the cemetery to take a rubbing (exact copy) of your memorial. We do this is to verify the size & style of the lettering and the layout. We then send you a 'proof' that includes the precise information that you have requested us to add. Once paid, we then go to the cemetery to complete the engraving.



...the monument engraving is complete & it is time for it to be delivered to its new home! Whether it is at a local cemetery or your home.  We make arrangements with your cemetery to deliver and/or install the monument.  We dig several feet down to poor a concrete foundation base to ensure the stability of your monument.  Note, that many cemeteries mandate that they install the memorials themselves.

Once installation is complete, we notify you to let you know that you can go visit the monument to view it in person.



We provide cleaning and restoration services for all types of stones and markers, whether we installed the stone or not. Your monument is a remembrance of something important to you, and the condition of it should continue to be maintained. We go out to the site in which the stone is installed and we use special cleaning techniques in order to bring the stone back to life.

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57 Summer Street

Rochester, NH 03867

Office Phone: 603-332-6545

Cell Phone: 603-583-0238

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