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Type of Monuments

The kind of stone you choose matters. What are you looking for?

We are versatile and can engrave various types of stone for a variety of occasions and purposes, including...

Granite              Marble              Bronze              & More!

Memorials, Markers & Monuments

Commercial Uses

Slant Memorials

Upright Memorials

Special Shape Monuments

Civil & Veteran Memorials

Personal Memorials

Pet Memorials

Flush Markers

Bronze Markers & Dedication Plaques

Garden & Bench Memorials



Business Signs

There are several things to consider
when selecting a monument.


This is the material of the monument (i.e. Granite).

Style & Shape

The overall look of the monument/ structure. 

Images & Symbols

These are used to decorate the monument. There could be a image/symbol that you want to have carved into the stone.


You need to choose the font and placement of the letters that are to be engraved into the stone.


An inscription is a short message, also known as an epitaph, that is usually added to a headstone along with a person's name, birth date, and death date. You have your choice of what it is that you want to write and the style it is in.

Rules & Regulations

If applicable, following the cemetery's rules & regulations.

Some cemeteries have rules about how many stones and what kind of stones are to be installed on each lot. There are also rules about flowers and decorations. Knowing the rules of the cemetery is helpful prior to starting the process of selecting which stone you want. 


This includes the height and width of your monument. If you are ordering a headstone, ensure that you adhere to the cemetery's rules & regulations before ordering.


There are different techniques used to produce the artwork on the memorial, we most commonly use sandblasting; however, there are other options such as etching.

Stone Surface

There are multiple finishes for stone monuments and memorials, most commonly seen are rock pitch (providing a more natural, rugged look), steeled finishes (providing a smooth, satin finish but not glossy) & polished finishes (smooth, shiny & glass-like)

Just ask us!

We have resources to help you along the way, either ask us questions directly to help aid in the process or ask for a copy of our buyer's guide.

Cemetery Gravestones

Knowing your local cemeteries' rules is important.

We have developed & continue to develop professional relationships with local cemeteries. With time, we will gain stronger relationships with the managers of each cemetery. This is to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible throughout the entirety of the transaction from beginning to end, but also after the installation or service has been completed. We take pride in our work, and that never stops. 
Each cemetery has its own set of rules & regulations. It is important to gather this information as early as possible, to ensure that the product that is ordered falls within their guidelines, such as the monument's size or allotted plot space. 
If you have questions about the regulations, feel free to ask us as we may know the answer, or reach out the cemeteries' manager for more information. 

Click the links below for a list of local cemeteries.

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